Jesus Forever Reborn

Our knowledge base is a product of Christianity which has dominated western thought processes for two millennia. Now it has spread throughout the world. From obscure beginnings Christianity has triumphed.

A miracle perhaps but all miracles have human explanations. Those given here are well documented. The religion that triumphed was far removed from the teaching of its founder. Each generation of Christian reverts back to Jesus teaching anew.

Proof of the validity of Christianity is that it is the cultural base for a quarter of the world population. Although our own beliefs may be somewhat hazy we have absorbed the core values Jesus taught.

This survey of the history of Christian culture from before the birth of Jesus is a study of self realization through Jesus teaching.

From Babylon at the time of the exile of the Israelites to the Christian take over of the Roman Empire, the influence of the Greek East on the Latin West is stressed. The importance of Justin Martyr and Tatian to Christian culture is a revelation.

Justin's One God Governs All is given in a new translation. Tatian's Gospel is shown to be seminal to the others, not a combination of them.

New insights into Christian cultural development through to recent times help understanding of the relevance of Jesus' teaching today.