Aiden's Goldfish

AIDAN'S GOLDFISH puts destruction of the World Trade Center in New York into the context of world domination by International Corporations with Islamophobia and the eighth crusade as precursors to the extinction of the human species.

How this has come about is explained by examination of the production of the Narrative, the news feed from government.

Media feed is the government's way of informing the public. Only the most skilled journalists, broadcasters and cartoonists are suitable

The CIA began to undermine foreign governments back in the 1950s by spreading false news. Since then the same techniques have been applied to American audiences. William Casey, CIA Director, told President Raegan We'll know we've reached our goal when everything the American public believes is false.

Perversion of journalism to serve the needs of government and restriction of politics to only two parties both in the grip of Corporate America is disastrous.

Without an Opposition or powerful criticism by the media government by corporate wealth is unimpeded.

As George Washington wrote.... In unworthy hands the best institutions may be made use of to promote the worst designs.

ISBN-10: 1514499959
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